Assurance Fire Protection

"Protecting People and Property"

Why should my business hire Assurance fire protection to test and inspect our fire safety measures?


Assurance Fire Protection is a new business, established in February of 2019. For this reason, we offer extremely competitive pricing in order to gain long lasting relationships with new clients. Whilst the idea of a hiring a new company to assist your business can often mean you compromise on industry experience, that is not the case with ‘Assurance Fire Protection’. Our lead fire technician and general manager possesses seven years full time experience within the industry - with multiple qualifications in the areas of both passive and active fire; specializing in fire doors, portable fire equipment, fire panels, and compliance with Australian standards, with nationally recognised specialist training in all of the above.

Secondly, ‘Assurance Fire Protection' is a complete service. We can ensure that ALL fire safety measures within your facility are tested in compliance with Australian standards as our technicians are qualified in all specialist areas.

Lastly, we do not add on additional fees when utilising our electrical and plumbing sub-contractors. We simply add their fees onto our quote (where required) and do not gain a secondary profit margin from their work. 

How much does your servicing cost?


Our expert technicians will provide you with an obligation free quote based upon the services you require. Our prices are highly competitive with our fees including labour, equipment required, and documentation of the services provided. Contact us now for a free consultation and quote.


What testing time frames should I follow as a site owner?


Testing time frames are dependent on the equipment held within your site. The 'Australian fire safety standards' set forth the regulations for testing time frames required for fire safety equipment. Extinguishers, hose reels, smoke and heat alarms, fire doors, emergency lighting and exit signs, fire indicating panels, evacuation alarm systems, gas suppression systems, and hydrants all require mandatory inspection in order to assure compliance with these standards, with non-complaint site owners risking significant fines.


At assurance fire protection, we often find that our sites will require monthly, six-monthly and/or annual testing depending on the specific equipment held within the property. Please contact us for information on testing time frames specific to your site.


Where can I purchase a fire extinguisher that meets Australian standards?


Assurance fire protection offers competitive rates on the five main types of fire extinguishers used within Australia. These are water, foam, C02, dry powder and wet chemical. There is no single extinguisher that will fight all classes of fire. The extinguisher your site requires will depend on the risks within your property. There are six classes of fire - each type of fire presents its own challenges to subdue and this is where the experts at Assurance Fire Protection can help you protect your most valuable assets.  


Class A: Combustible materials

Class B: Flammable liquids

Class C: Flammable gases

Class D: Combustible metals

Electrical fires: Electrical equipment

Class F: Cooking oils